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Woman's Only SPIN session

Wednesday, February 12 at 5:30pm. Meet at 5:15pm and start the session at 530 sharp

Meet At:

MEC Calgary
By: Michael Heuchert

We are excited to announce MEC Calgary will be offering woman's only spin classes! Whether you are training for next year, new to SPINning or just trying to keep your muscles warm through the long winter months, these classes will make you sweat, build strength, and leave you energized and wanting more!

BYOT - Bring your own trainer and bike, we will set up in-store and do cycle-specific spinning for about an hour.

This class is non-threatening and is geared towards beginners and advanced cyclists alike. MEC Calgary is also offering Spin sessions on Friday nights, open to ALL!

Trainer Rentals:

Don't have a trainer but would love to give it a try? You can rent trainers for the class from our Member Service Desk for $5.00/class. If you are renting a trainer, please give your self a few extra minutes to stop by the member service desk before the class.

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