Bacon Ride

Wednesday, February 12 at 5:00pm. Meet at 5, roll at 5:15.

Meet At:

Bow River pathway by 10 St bridge
Notes: The grassy knoll where the photo booth is.
By: Richard & Ghaiss
No actual bacon served, sorry.  We'll meet by the Winter Bike Photo Booth and then go for a short ride to the Central Public Library, where Rollin Stanley (General Manager of Planning for the City of Calgary) presents a weekly event on city planning issues in honour of Ed Bacon, see  Wednesday's topic will be Jan Gehl's Cities for People and the bike share system in Paris, exciting stuff about how bicycles make cities better.

On the way we'll check out some successful cycling infrastructure (Peace Bridge, 7 St cycle track) and look at where the city's planning to put future bike routes (3 Ave, 1 St SE).  Studded tires on pavement will provide sizzling bacon sound effects.

Arrive early to get your picture taken at the winter riding photo booth.  Bring lights (it'll be dark when the event's over).

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