Winter Biking Photo Booth

Wednesday, February 12 at 3:30pm

Meet At:

FREE EVENT. Grassy Knoll near the 10 St Bridge (where Joe's Garage sets up in summer)
Notes: Look for the tents and volunteers flagging riders down.

Contact Info:

By: Sean at BikeBike
We're hoping to collect portraits of winter cyclists to illustrate the diverse range of people, and reasons, why people choose to keep cycling all winter long.

Plan to stop by our photobooth to have your portrait taken of you and your bicycle and we'll provide you with warm coco, swag, and a gift certificate for  20 dollars at BikeBike.

Please note you'll be required to sign a media release so the picture can be used by BikeBike and the City of Calgary.  You'll also be able to download your photo for your own use.

There is no charge to participate.

Help us show Calgarians that riding in the winter is fun and easy.

Facebook Event here:

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