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E-Mail Lists

Cyclepalooza has three great email lists for keeping you up to date:


is a discussion list for our dedicated volunteers. If you want to help put on Cyclepalooza, please sign up for that! You’ll get all the other information, but we’ll also email you to get people to help with parties, staff info booths, participate in guerrilla marketing efforts, and the like.


is a low-traffic list for people and organizations who are putting on bicycle-related events and those who’d like to be in the loop about what’s happening at Cyclepalooza HQ. We’ll send out relevant information on that list, but not too much—maybe an email a week.


gets you sporadic updates about Cyclepalooza and bicycle-related goings-on in Calgary of a very general nature—press releases, announcements of major events, that sort of thing. Maybe you’ll get an email a month, perhaps a handful during bike month.

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