Secret Garden

You better believe!!!!
Saturday, July 18 at 9:30pm. Pumphouse Theater at 930 PM with Bicycle

Meet At:

Pumphouse Theater
Notes: 930PM Ride meetup time.

Contact Info:

SMS only info line: 587-434-0470
By: Manik Productions and OG Status Events
a Bicycle Ride to a top secret party at a really special location in Calgary. Bring what you need to stay comfortable ( jackets, blankets, water and raver survival kits.) You have two options for bicycle rides:
- 9pm at our pre-party at Pumphouse Park  
- 945 PM at a c-train station we will announce on the day of the event.

**If you start at Pumphouse Park you will need train tickets because there is a bike/train**

If you want to know the location we will be giving out pieces of paper with the location from Pumphouse Park from 2-9pm.  the only other way to find out will be from word-of-mouth from your friends.

Carlos Kanga
Ubbie Fortie-two
Honeey mustard
Maz filter
Alexander galant
Space mantra
Optimus Grime
DJ Skepsis
DJ Sintricate
Five Alive!
Seismic Shock
Lao Zi
Cross Vader
L Magos Stone

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