Girl's Bike Overnight to Chestermere

Saturday, July 18 at 3:30pm. Meet at 3:30pm, ride at 4pm

Meet At:

Notes: In the store!

Contact Info:

By: Solita
Approximately 40k to Chestermere, dinner in the town, set up camp, ride back in the morning.

The ride will take about 2 hours each way at a good pace.  

Bring your own gear: tent, sleeping bag, foamy. We'll be by water but filter required (or bring bottles!). No bathrooms at the site. Stove recommended for breakfast (oatmeal/coffee or whatever!)

We'll be leaving to head back to the city by 9am; should be back by noon at the latest!

Bring money for dinner in Chestermere. We'll decide on a restaurant at the ride!

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