F/100 Fixie 100km Night Ride

Saturday, July 18 at 7:30pm. Meet at 7pm, depart at 730pm

Meet At:

Eau Claire Y
By: ScorchersYYC
100kms on fixed gear bikes? At night?


Finish the ride on a fixie - earn the patch - and you're officially a "Scorcher".

The pace is pretty quick and you need to be self-supported. If you don't have a fixie but want to come along, that's fine too.

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1 thought on “F/100 Fixie 100km Night Ride

  1. Yo, any chance I could borrow a fixie for this? I sold mine before I moved to Calgary. 56cm+ frame would be ace. I could just bring my tourer but riding this fixed would be more fun.

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