Winter Bike to Work Day Group Ride

Friday, February 8 at 3:00pm. Meet at 3:00 pm, ride leaves at 3:30 pm

Meet At:

New Central Library

Contact Info:

By: Winter Cycling Congress
Close out the Winter Cycling Congress Conference with 30 minute family-friendly group ride. We will be riding mostly along pathways to the Bike Calgary Winter Bike to Work Day party at the Peace Bridge.

2 thoughts on “Winter Bike to Work Day Group Ride

  1. I was forcing my colleagues to take part in the bike to work day as I think it is a great initiative. I am sure we will make the city greener if everyone started using bikes to commute.

  2. My friends and I took part in the cycling congress because we consider this a great initiative. Bicycles for trips to work will save the city from harmful exhaust gases and it will become easier to breathe.

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