Moved to June 24! (Saturday)
Was: Friday, June 23 at 7:00pm. Meet 7:00 (or a little after), ride off into mystery 7:30

Meet At:

Eau Claire YMCA
Notes: Meet near the bike racks, facing east under the trees.

Contact Info:

By: Calvin
Please join us June 24 (NOTE: DATE HAS CHANGED!) for a fun, adventuresome ride through some of south Calgary's slightest connections. Come see what funny tricks the city has been hiding from you!

We'll meet at (or slightly after) 7:00pm at the Eau Claire YMCA, near the bike racks facing east under the trees. At 7:30pm we will disappear into mystery for a moderately slow-paced 25km-35km trek (depending how everyone feels), heading first toward Ogden.

The ride will finish up at the YMCA and will cross the C-train approximately halfway through. There shall be snack stops. We won't leave anyone behind, and if you get tired we'll make sure you get to (and on) a C-train safely.

Everyone is welcome! 18+ only please unless you have an adult with you! We will be on a (very) few busier stretches of roads, for a few blocks, in just a few places, but mostly it will be quiet streets-- and paths that are quieter still.

It might be most interesting to simply show up and see where we go, but if you are curious or want some small measure certainty in your life, the approximate route is here:

Oh! And BRING LIGHTS-- for on this night, even the moon hides it's face from us.

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