Ten Page Henry: A Bike Game - Presented as part of Sled Island

Friday, June 23 at 10:00am
Repeats: June 21 - 25

Meet At:

Starting at Fairmont Palliser Hotel
Notes: Come to the Sled Island Pass Pick-up in the Fairmont Palliser to get started
By: Humble Wonder
Ten Page Henry: A Bike Game is a free narrative treasure hunt created by Calgary-based artist collective Humble Wonder. The public is invited to hop on their bikes and follow clues scattered across downtown Calgary to discover the story of Calgary’s underground music scene, and piece together a ‘zine’ in the process. Ten Page Henry is presented as part of Sled Island, and can be played throughout the duration of the festival from June 21 to 25.

Open to everyone, players start at the Sled Island Pass Pick-up, located at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel. They will receive the first page of a deconstructed zine that introduces them to ‘Henry’, your guide to Calgary’s lost—but not forgotten—music scene of the ‘80s, where Calgary’s sonic identity was first formed. After solving a puzzle, players will jump on their bike and follow clues to the next location, and the next chapter in the story.

Participants can take as much time as they like to complete the game, as long as they finish before the end of Sled Island. The first 300 players to collect all 10 of the missing pages will win a limited edition prize.

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