Pedal Powered Picnic!

Wednesday, September 12 at 7:00pm. Meet 6:30, leave 7
Repeats: Every Wednesday in May - September

Meet At:

Hillhust Sunnyside Community Centre
Notes: Meet at the Lifesport bike valet/tune tent
By: Rory Allen
Bring your bikes! Bring your blankets! Bring your food!  

Join us every Wednesday for a casual ride from the HSCA Farmers Market to a picnic in the park. Each week will feature a different park, and, in the event of rain, those with picnic shelters, gazebos, bridges and large outdoor concert stages will be used.

The Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmers Market has a variety of vendors and an ever changing line up. They've got everything from popcorn to pakoras! If you're running behind, or wish to support some local/independent businesses, you can always pick something up at the market.

Not only does they have a multitude of vendors, but Lifesport hosts a FREE Tune Tent and Bike Valet every week. No need to lock/unlock to grab your food for the picnic, and getting your tires pumped up or your brakes dialed will make your ride a good one.

You are encouraged to bring any and all manner of lawn games, including but not limited to; bocce, lawn darts, disc golf, croquet, badminton, volley/soccer/foot-ball, frisbee.

Meet at the Lifesport Bike Valet/Tune Tent for the ride at 7ish. If you need to grab some things, arrive before the market closes at 7pm. If you're running behind, check the Facebook page for our destination, or contact me (Rory) via text.

Lights, reflectors and a bell are mandated by city bylaws. Helmets, although not mandatory are highly recommended. When riding in a group, please be courteous to your fellow pathway/road users. Use your bells, or say "on your left" to those you are passing. Make space for those who wish to pass us. Those in the back should alert others in the group to their presence by calling out "car back" or "rider back". Similarly, those in the front should call out "car up"/"rider up" if one is approaching. Point out obstacles/hazards to your fellow rider such as; bollards, barriers, curbs, pylons, gravel and glass. You may be prompted by the leader to ride single file in narrow/busy areas. Proper signals for turns, stopping or slowing down should be used whenever possible. Use of alcohol or marijuana in public spaces is prohibited by law, so please be discrete and don't consume to the point of detriment to other participants or park users. By participating in the ride, you agree to follow these guidelines.

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