GiddyUp! And Ride!

Saturday, July 7 at 6:00pm

Meet At:

Lougheed House
By: BikeBike
BikeBike's take on the western theme that takes over our city during this time of the year (and arguably the most ridiculously fun ride we organize!)

Put on your new boots and hat, saddle up yer bronc, and git on down to BikeBike for a western themed ride into the sunset ending at a backyard party hosted by Uncle Buddy and Aunt Marie. We'll provide you with a 'kurchief and cap gun, you bring the rain!

Aunt Marie's famous chili and beef on a bun (or was it pulled pork, can't remember) will be offered to fill yer gullet after a long day on the trail.


Kid friendly party at the end.

This event is capped at 40 people.

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