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Fix yer Bike fer Charity!

Wednesday, June 27 at 10:00am. 20 minute blocks

Meet At:

ING DIRECT Calgary Café
Notes: Look for the BikeBike Tent out front!

Contact Info:

By: ING DIRECT Calgary Café
ING DIRECT is proud to partner up with BikeBike to hold an all-day drop-in fix-it shop for your bike, all in the name of supporting Bicycles For Humanity Calgary. For a suggested donation of $10,  a professional bike mechanic will provide such services as:    
- Bearing Adjustment
- Tube Installation/Tire Patching
- Wheel Truing
- Brake Adjustment
- Gear Adjustment
- Cable/Housing Adjustment
- Nut/Bolt Check

While here, play Plinko for some great prizes, grab some free refreshments, enjoy free wi-fi and chill out in our great space.

Please visit our partners at: [at]BikeBikeYYC [at]B4Hcalgary

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