Wednesday, June 27 at 5:30pm

Meet At:

PetroCanada Station on 33 ave sw
Notes: Meet in PetroCanada parking lot

Contact Info:

By: Critninja
Inspired by Portland's Zoobomb where riders race downhill on kids bikes we've take the "race downhill" idea and applied it to riding down Crowchild Trail during rush hour when Crowchild in the northbound direction is basically a parking lot.

So, the basic plan is this -

Meet at the Petro-Canada on 33rd Ave SW just east of Crowchild Tr and we'll proceed northbound on Crowchild on the shoulder at 5:30pm.  Traffic should be completely backed up at this time ensuring we are able to pass as many cars as possible.

We will enter Crowchild off of 33rd Ave SW and exit off Crowchild at the Memorial Drive East exit, proceed to the bottom of the ramp and then hop onto the grass near the pathway.

Here is a video of it - and here is a ggogle street view of the meeting location -

Feel free to be creative with decorations, flags, signs, whatever!

3 thoughts on “CrowBomb!

  1. dont worry you fucking idiots i will be watching for you out my mirrors and will gladly open a door for you as you think you will fly by!!! Hope you leave your helmets at home that day!!
    Ride in front of me or cut me off again down town! It will be the last thing you do, other than drooling and shitting yourself cause of a brain injury!!!

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