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First Annual Bike the Village

Sunday, September 11 at 1:00pm. Total riding time is about 2 hours as we have some stops along the way!

Meet At:

Village Ice Cream- Garrison Corner
Notes: Meet out front of the store and be ready to ride for 1 PM!
By: Jess Hua
$8 for all-access ice cream to Village Ice Cream's three stores!

The mission is simple, Villagers: We'll be visiting all three locations to eat ice cream and have a rockstar bike ride to do it!

1) Each participant will receive a wristband to give them an all-access pass to a waffle cone or sundae from each of our locations (so that means ice cream for lunch, happy hour, and dinner!).

2) Riders to meet at our Garrison Corner location to join the convoy.  

3) Onward to Britannia Plaza for some re-fuelling.

4) Finishing up at Victoria Park for a good ol' bike party!

There will be giveaways, mini-games, scenic views, and hopefully some hilarity along the way.

Tickets can be purchase here:

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