Saturday, July 9 at 7:00pm

Meet At:

Eau Claire Square
Notes: Meet at 7pm - departing at 7:30pm sharp

Contact Info:

By: ScorchersYYC
100km night fixie ride.
Hard, fast, and boozy.
The Route: 40km up and over Nose Hill loop back to downtown then 60km Fish Creek loop back to downtown.
No road bikes please.

7 thoughts on “F/100

    • Meeting place is at Eau Claire YMCA, there’s some trees near the bike rack look for the rough looking group of people that’s us haha

      Route is sorta complicated and I don’t know for sure since Sean picks it but in the past it’s mostly on pathway.

  1. Hey!! Joey on the odd chance you check this, drop me an email p s y s a l at gma i l dot co m , I meant to talk to you so I could add you to the suburbs ride (aka new moon ride) list!

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