en Blanc à Vélo (a.k.a. Euro Picnic)

Sunday, July 10 at 12:30pm

Meet At:

Simmons Building
Notes: Meet in front of Simmons building (on the river side)

Contact Info:

403 457 2453
By: Farnaz and Nadia
Join us for an afternoon bike picnic in style. Dress in your Sunday best light colors (preferably white), gather your friends together, organize your delicious picnic, and ride to an inner city park for the afternoon. We will meet at 12:30 at the Simmons Building in the East Village and ride together at 1:00 to the Central Memorial Park with all of our picnic essentials on board. We'll have live jazz music on the ride (yes, musicians will be playing while we are riding) as well as at the park to provide scene-appropriate soundtrack for the afternoon, and who knows, maybe even a dance or two!

Kids are welcome (and encouraged!)

The ride is free, but if you are planning to buy food, you know... bring some money! 😉

What is suggested to bring:
- Dress in your Sunday best white or white-ish clothes if you can, just as the name of the ride suggests! Or wear light colors; Or just wear something! 😉  but do come anyways! We'd love to see you regardless of what you wear!
- A blanket to sit on
- Tasty eats; Alternately you can pickup food from Sidewalk Citizen in the Simmons Building in East Village, or at Boxwood Cafe in Central park (Advanced call is recommended).
- Bags to collect your garbage. We want to leave the park the same way we arrived to it, if not cleaner!
- Your preferred liquid libations 🙂
- Sunblock or hats
- Be prepared for possible rain, it is July after all!

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