CANCELED: YYC Bike Rave 6.0 (Crescent Heights Edition)

Moved to May 26
Was: Friday, May 25 at 9:00pm. Meet at 9, ride at 9:30pm

Meet At:

Rotary Park
Notes: Meet in the South end of park
By: Kevin Jesuino
Grab your bicycle. Put some lights on it. Bring your music. Let’s ride!

YYC BIKE RAVE is back for its 6th edition. This time we will be participating in a Crescent Heights Community festival celebrating the people and places in Crescent Heights.


We will make stops around Crescent Heights. We will begin at Rotary Park and end at Rotary Park. The ride will be approximately 2 hours and will end at a local pub in Crescent Heights.

1. Take care of yourself.
2. Take care of each other.
3. Take care of the spaces we visit.
4. Leave no trace.
5. Consent for any activity is enthusiastic, ongoing, and can be revoked at any time.
6. HAVE FUN!!!

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