Two Wheel View Scavenger Hunt

Thursday, June 26 at 5:30am. All day!
Repeats: June 26 - July 6
By: Two Wheel View
Two Wheel View is hosting a 10 day long scavenger hunt as part of Cyclepalooza. Use these points to get out on your bike by yourself, with friends or family between June 26th and July 6th.

Those who successfully complete the scavenger hunt will be entered to win a small prize. We will have celebrity judge Danny Kid from Virgin Radio 98.5 picking winners for the 3 grand prizes of most creative, youth participation and best team/family photos.  

Don't worry if you are not familiar with Cyclepalooza or Two Wheel View. Anyone can enter and we love to see new faces!

Click here for a printer-friendly version of the rules and points:


1. Your or your bike photographed with a Calgary landmark.
2. Three or more bikes together.
3. Take a picture of 2 generations of people or their bikes.
4. A bike in nature.
5. You or your bike near your favourite local hotspot. This can be your favourite restaurant, park, playground, ice cream spot, etc.
6. A picture of you or your bike showing off bike safety.
7. A bike doing something a bike doesn't usually do. Keep it safe and legal!
8. A bike near your neighbourhood sign. If your neighbourhood doesn't have one, try to find something that represents your neighbourhood in a similar way.
9. You or your bike on your favourite Calgary bike path.
10. Dress up yourself or your bike.
11. BONUS: Take a photo of yourself at a Cyclepalooza event. This bonus rule can be used to replace any of the two rules above, so you only have to submit 9 photos.

1) There is no fee to enter! All you need is a bike and a camera.

2) Achieve as many of the scavenger hunt points as you can during Cyclepalooza. Although we will promote different ones each day, there is no need to do them in the order they are presented as long as they are all submitted after June 26th and before due date (July 6th at midnight.)

3) To be entered in the prize draw you must complete all 10 points, or 8 points + the bonus point.

4) All photos must have at least one bicycle in them!

5) Photo entries are only valid if they are submitted:
⁃ on twitter. Your tweet MUST include [at]TwoWheelView and #TWVhunt
⁃ via email to twvscavengers[at]
⁃ on instagram with a comment/caption that includes [at]TwoWheelViewYYC and #TWVhunt

6) You may participate on your own or as part of a team. If you are part of a team, make sure to include your team name when submitting photos.

7) By submitting photos, you give Cyclepalooza and Two Wheel View permission to publish them on our websites. We will absolutely attribute them to you and you will retain ownership.

8) All entries must be received by July 6th at midnight. Winners will be announced the following week.

9) Have fun! The scavenger points are open to interpretation and we welcome creativity and family-safe humour.

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