The Goodlife Community Bike Shop - Solstice Bike Ride!!

Saturday, June 21 at 8:45pm. Meet up around 9 for the sunset and enjoy some fun at the fair, and head out after sunset and ride until sunrise around 5:30 am

Meet At:

Relocalization Fair in Bridgeland
Notes: On the upper level of the park in the NE corner
By: Simone
All night Bike ride to bring in the Summer Solstice!
We will cover our bikes in as many glowy, blinky and shiny objects, and ride the night away and watch the sunrise after the shortest night.

We will start the night at the Bridgeland Relocalization Fair (
Bring some glow sticks and all your blinky lights and decorate your bike with us!
Then there will be some warm up yoga with Tim.
Then after the sunsets we will be heading onto the River pathways.
Midway through the night we will have a stop off at the Good Life Bike Shop for a Juice Box Dance Party.
Then we will continue biking into the night and end at sunnyside ontop of a nice hill to watch the sunrise!

So come as you are, cruise the night and stay as long as you like!

bike lights and helmets are required, as well as following all laws of the road.

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