Suit Up and Ride!

Tuesday, August 4 at 5:30pm. Leaving at 5:30!

Meet At:

Municipal Plaza (by City Hall)

Contact Info:

By: Daorcey Le Bray
Suit Up! Wear your best suit or dress/skirt and ride the cycle tracks during rush hour to a tasty destination. For some, this means wearing your work clothes from the office. For others, it means ditching your coveralls for your Sunday finest.

The route will be simple and relatively short--using the cycle track pilot project ( as much as possible. I don't expect anyone to sweat in their suits. Of course, we'll be following all the rules of the road/tracks. But don't worry, we won't be going at any significant speed that would leave anyone behind.

Our destination: The Beltliner on 12th Ave and 2nd Street SW ( A great, family-friendly, cycle track-friendly local business. What to get while you're there? I'd suggest a slice of pie and a touch of bourbon, but everything on this menu is great. Eat, drink, and enjoy your well-dressed company!

The route in detail: Meet at the Municipal Plaza. Go westbound on Stephen Ave. Go southbound on 5th Street. Go westbound on 12th Ave. Go northbound on 11th Street. Go eastbound on 8th Ave. Go southbound on 5th Street (again!). Go eastbound on 12th Ave. End at the corner of 2nd Street and 12th Ave SW.

My grand plan? A reoccurring Suit Up and Ride event to a different cycle track-adjacent establishment every time. Let me know what you think when we get to the Beltliner.

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