Spokes and Tokes

Wednesday, October 17 at 4:15pm. Meet at 6ish, ride if we feel like it
By: Fake Namerson
Discuss the new cannabis regulations, light up at your own risk, but be chill man okay? The event starts at 4:20, lol, but we're totally going to meet up at Olympic plaza around 6pm. Or a little after that, probably. Definitely before 7, for sure. What was I saying? Oh yeah, city bylaws prohibit public consumption, (lame) so do so at your own risk. This website thingy doesn't want to get in trouble because of something you chose to do on your own accord. Okay? Just be cool man, it'll work out. I'll bring snacks. Chips or something. Bring snacks to share. If we feel like riding, we can go towards the east village and look at the lights at Reconciliation Bridge. Then check out The rise on St. Patrick's Island, or whatever. Maybe have a fire, maybe not. There's some other bridges and lights that would be cool to stare at for a bit. Maybe bring some lights, It'll be dark and stuff.

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