Simon's " Get The Hella Outta Alberta" Niteride to Chestermere

Tuesday, July 24 at 6:00pm

Meet At:

Eau Claire Square
By: Sean

Simon Chauvette, good friend of Bike Calgary, BikeBike, and many other organizations and individuals is moving back to Quebec to attend school. We will miss him a lot and have decided to organize a ride to see him off.

Join us for an evening jaunt out to Chestermere and back. We wil most likely be in total darkness for about half the ride so good lights are a must.

Please invite everyone that is a friend of Simon's and consider coming for the ride even if you are not planning on doing the whole route or if you have no idea who Simon is. 🙂 Since we are following the canal to Chestermere you can turn around at any point.

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