ScorchersYYC Ride

Saturday, August 16 at 5:00pm. Leaving at 530pm SHARP!

Meet At:

Eau Claire Square

Contact Info:

By: @ScorchersYYC
Gooseberry Campout Overnighter

*ScorchersYYC rides are fixie focused, usually kinda fast, usually kinda far, and usually involve too much partying.  You can ride whatever you want but fixies/singlespeeds are encouraged.*

2 thoughts on “ScorchersYYC Ride

  1. Hey! What’s the schedule and route for the Aug 16 Scorcher ride! We’re interested, but it’s a campout? Is this an overnight bike ride?

  2. The ride has been postponed until next Saturday due to the heavy rain forecast in the mountains.

    It is an overnighter.

    Departure is now scheduled for 3pm from BikeBike August 23rd.

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