Ride to THE BEST Stampede Breakfast

Saturday, July 8 at 8:00am. Meet at 8am. Ride at 8:15am.

Meet At:

Rundle LRT Station
Notes: Meet in the parking lot

Contact Info:

@Chealion on Twitter
By: Daorcey Le Bray
UPDATE: Your leader will be Michael Jones/[at]chealion

Start your Stampede off right by riding with friends to one of the best pancake breakfasts of the season. The Ismaili Muslim Community 21st Annual Stampede Breakfast features family fun, chai tea, full-strength juice, a very well-organized breakfast line, free tours of the Jamatkhana, and an excellent vegetarian breakfast with real eggs and a tasty pigeon pea curry. Seriously... this one is the best.

The ride there will take us over some quiet roads and the route back downtown will be nearly all pathway. We don't all need to leave the breakfast at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Ride to THE BEST Stampede Breakfast

  1. Good morning! I’m thinking of riding to the breakfast, but Rundle is out of the way, since I’m coming from near SAIT.

    My best route option looks to be thru Tuxedo, onto the Nose Creek system, across Deerfoot on the pathway south of 27 Ave, then north on 12 Street to 45 Ave.

    Anyone else interested in this route? Any other route tips? (Google Maps wants to send me north thru Confederation Park & the cemetery, then onto McKnight from near Edmonton Trail, across Deerfoot to 12 Street,, but I’m not sure riding on McKnight is a great idea, even early in the morning. Thoughts?)

    We could meet up somewhere along the route if people don’t want to go over to Rundle?

  2. Planned route will be a mix of pathway and road. The roads should be relatively quiet given the hour so it should be fine. If the group is particularly road friendly we may take a slightly shorter route with less pathway.


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