Push Your Bike Up McHugh Bluff

Monday, July 16 at 5:15pm. Meet 5:15, ride at 5:30 sharp!

Meet At:

Central Memorial Park Library Steps
Notes: Meet on the library steps!!!

Contact Info:

By: Calvin
Something really great about bikes is when the going gets tough, you can just hop off and push.

Silly, short, laid-back and lovely ride. Meet at Central Memorial Park on the library steps at 5:15. We'll leave at 5:30 and take the cycle track toward the river.

(You can join us as we ride through Eau Claire Plaza at about 5:45, if you prefer. We'l ring our bells like mad and ride through the Olympic Arch so you know it's us.)

Once at Eau Claire, we'll cross to Prince's island, do a lazy little loop through there for a bit, then over the pedestrian bridge to McHugh Bluff where we'll dismount and push our bikes up the pathway. We'll stop halfway up the bluff at the bench to rest. Then we'll push our bikes the rest of the way, regroup, ride along the bluff to enjoy the amazing view, loop through a quiet street or two in Crescent Heights, then back down the McHugh Bluff pathway. Easier going down thanks to gravity!

Ride will end at Simmon's Building in time for the Infra-Ride!

I'll try and make some fun spoke cards, first-come first-serve but I'll make around 10 if I can find the time this weekend.

Hope to see you there!!

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