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Public Screening of INSPIRED TO RIDE

Thursday, July 26 at 7:00pm. Program starts at 7:00 p.m.

Meet At:

St. Louis Hotel, East Village
By: Brett Bergie
Bring your friends and join us at the historic St. Louis Hotel for a public screening of IINSPIRED TO RIDE. There's no door charge; however, this event is a fundraiser for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

INSPIRED TO RIDE follows a handful of cyclists as they race unsupported in the inaugural year of The Trans Am Bike Race. As they battle lack of sleep, injuries, and spirited competition, INSPIRED TO RIDE takes you on an invigorating road trip — amidst the jaw-dropping beauty of the TransAmerica Trail with its varied landscapes, intriguing locals, and found stories which dot this path of discovery.

Why are we fundraising for the Alberta Cancer Foundation?

Over the past two years, Brett Bergie has joined 1,500 cyclists to face a 220-kilometre cycling route with long climbs, gruelling headwinds, and a hot sun. They form community, joined together because cancer has touched them or someone they love. Cancer brought hardship, worry, hard questions, and difficult answers.

Their shared lived experience pushed them over every summit and carried them to that finish line. It’s their hope that their efforts will in some way help more and more people defeat this pervasive disease.

Brett has so many memories collected from these rides that she cherishes, but one stands out: an abundance of yellow flags.

Cancer survivors who cycle the Ride to Conquer Cancer are equipped with yellow flags on their bikes. Each year, before retiring to her tent, Brett purposefully walk to the bike storage area to see all of the yellow flags. Hundreds of yellow flags greet her eyes and flap in the wind amid the rows and rows of fine cycling machines. The sight is a spectacle and moves her to tears each time.

This sight gives meaning to why she rides: to give hope, to swell the ranks of survivors, and do her part to ease the path for those who will one day hear their doctor say, “You have cancer."

Reflecting on the abundance of yellow flags, she realized we have a pretty damn good reason to be filled with hope.

To family members, friends, and supporters, your generous contributions make a positive and immediate difference for cancer research, clinical trials, and supports for patients and families. This impact is huge—and your dollars are providing support to patients facing cancer today and hope that cancer can be conquered in our lifetime.

Every rider signs up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer thinking, "I can do this. I can raise at least $2,500 and cycle 220 kilometres.”

When we assemble at the event, we also declare to ourselves and the world, "We can defeat cancer.”

Thank you for joining me on this journey to a cure. Thank you for your generous support!

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