Pecha Kucha PREGAME

Thursday, February 7 at 3:15pm. Don't be earlier that 3 PM (that's when Annex opens)

Meet At:

Annex Ale Project
Notes: Meet inside the taproom, there's bike parking out front

Contact Info:

By: Kevin 'Slooshway' Sloosh
I'm going to be at Annex at 3:15 PM for reasons, and I'll be biking to the Winter Cycling Congress Pecha Kucha in time for its 6:30 pm start. That means salted string cheese and a couple of craft beers in the mean time.

Whether you're attending the Pecha Kucha or not (if you are, you need a ticket, feel free to join me on this meetup/ride. Schedule is open, other than making sure I'm at 134 11 AVE SE by 6:30 pm. Maybe we'll chill at Annex and order a pizza, maybe we'll hit up Banded Peak or Village. We'll see. Hit me up on Twitter ([at]itsakev) closer to or during the event for more info.

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