Bring Money

N-Ice Cycle Races

Friday, February 14 at 8:00pm. Meet duckpond @ 8 races start 8:15

Meet At:

Eau Claire
Notes: Meet by the duck pond ice rink.
By: Danimal and Treeface
NiceGuys wants to welcome you and your loved one (be it a human or a bike) for a romantic night on the ice.  Come test your skills or come to cheer, jeer, heckle and support your winter warrior in the 2nd annual N-Ice Cycle Races

Check out last year debauchery!

We will have limited supplies of hot chocolate and heat packs if its cold.  
$10 to enter,
$$$$0 TO HAVE FUN.

Thanks to BikeBike, Bowcycle, and Cycle Calgary for the support.  Come test your skills with the NiceGuys

Get your studs on and slide!

fyi the image is last years poster for you all to reminisce

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