Newbie Ice Cream Ride

Sunday, July 23 at 12:30pm. Meet at 12:30, wheels up at 1pm

Meet At:

Lougheed House Park
Notes: The grassy field and the far northeast side of the park

Contact Info:

On Twitter @libraryjenny
By: Jenny and Kevin
UPDATE: here's the photos from the ride

This ride is for the inexperienced, the timid or those who like casual biking, riding slow, and eating ice cream! (Bring money for ice cream)

We will be meeting at the Lougheed park at 1 pm, and slowly meandering our way over to village ice cream, after taking a break and enjoying our ice cream we will hop back on our bikes and head back towards the 5th street cycle track where we will head towards the river path and on to Bridgleland Market where they serve Made by Marcus ice cream. From there we will head back towards the Lougheed park. You can either head back that way with us, or continue on for more ice cream adventures.

The route will try to utilize the paths and cycle tracks wherever possible. However, there will be some street riding. There is safety in numbers though, and we will also stop and every light and leave no one behind.

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