New Moon Dark Breaking To Diamond Cove

Friday, May 11 at 7:00pm. Meet 7 or 7:15, ride 7:30

Meet At:

Eau Claire YMCA
Notes: Meet by trees near the the bike racks in front of the YMCA.

Contact Info:

By: Calvin
Starting these rides up again!

Every month when the moon blinks out into total darkness, we head out for adventure. Please join us!

This month we fly south, to Diamond Cove. Rumours have it the great pirate Hedgewick has stashed his booty somewhere near there, but it is guarded by SKELETONS.

Everybody is very welcome!! Expect a not-very-fast but maybe-sorta-far (20km+) ride. We will adjust depending who shows up, this ride in particular we will arrange for a short variant where you can catch a train home in case you don't want to ride all the way to where there are SKELETONS.

Bring lights and cutlasses.

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