New Moon Bike Ride, aka Trouble In The Suburbs

Friday, August 5 at 7:00pm. Meet at 7, wheels spin at 7:25

Meet At:

Eau Claire Plaza
Notes: Meet at Eau Claire Plaza, in front of the Y

Contact Info:

By: David
If you like bike riding at night, then this ride is for you. ~50k of gorgeous Calgary suburb riding.

This won't be a fast ride--
We won't leave a single soul behind
We won't stress the details
What we want
And we will have it.

We will wend our way
Through the lesser-known
Thru forest yyc

- Everyone is welcome, but 18+ please!
- Bring LIGHTS, it will be dark!
- There will be stops to grab SNAX! How else do we survive.
- It will be about 60km, through the far SE in places never seen by bicycle human or even bicycle ghost-spirit eyes!
- We'll be riding on roads a fair bit, mostly side-streets but we might hop on Elbow Dr. to come home or take a few other busier streets to save time.

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