Mrs. BikeBike's Birthday Bike Ride

Saturday, September 14 at 6:00pm. We roll at 6pm - if it's rainy and gross the ride is cancelled

Meet At:

Notes: We roll at 6pm
By: Mr. BikeBike
Mrs. BikeBike - aka - Nadia is celebrating her 50th! year on Planet Earth and she wants to celebrate with a bike ride and bonfire/bbq with all her #yycbike friends.

The ride will follow the familiar-to-many format:

Meet at BikeBike at 6pm, group ride on the river pathways to Edworthy, burn all the wood and dubes once we're there, and have a merry time.

If it is rainy and nasty out the ride is cancelled. Call the shop on the day of you are unsure if we're going - or - just show up at the shop to offer bday wishes to the birthday girl.

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