Leonard Cohen Tribute Ride

Tuesday, November 7 at 6:45pm. Meet at 6:45. Wheels roll at 7:00 pm.

Meet At:

Phil and Seb’s at the Simmons in Esst Village.
Notes: Meet in Phil and Seb’s at the Simmons in Esst Village.

Contact Info:

By: Brett Bergie
November 7 is the first anniversary of Leonard Cohen’s death. Join me for a tribute bike ride to the life and work of Leonard Cohen.

We’ll ride through cool, crisp air, accompanied by music from Leonard Cohen’s earlier albums and spoken-word poetry.

As we kneel through the dark, our route will take us down to her place along the river, past broken hills, and end at that tower down the track. (Approx. 20 kms)

After the ride, join me for a drink and discussion at The Last Best Pub.

Lights and helmets are mandatory.

Optional:  Cohen poetry, novels, music lyrics, and memories of Cohen to share and discuss.

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