Latjor Tuel Memorial and Police Brutality Protest

Sunday, February 19 at 10:00am. Meet at 10:00am, ride at 10:15am

Meet At:

Notes: Meet at the south side of the bridge. We will then ride to Merv's No Frills (4501 17th Ave S.E.) together at the pace of the slowest rider in our group. After the memorial we will bike together to City Hall for the protest against police brutality.

Contact Info:

By: Adrienne
🚨 Call To Action 🚨 (from [at]dragmetothestreet on Instagram)

*Content warning: mentions of police brutality

Latjor Tuel Memorial and Police Brutality Protest

📍4501 17th Avenue S.E. - Merv’s No Frills

🗓️ Sunday February 19th at 11:00AM

Calling on everyone to stand in solidarity with our neighbors and listen to community and family share about the life of Latjor Tuel.

After speakers at approximately 12:00PM, bike to City Hall (800 Macleod Trail SE) for a protest against police brutality. Open to anyone especially families of victims of police brutality (CPS, and beyond).

Demand justice for Latjor and demand the end to police brutality once and for all!

Graphic credit: unknown

Please note: Carboard and markers will be provided for people to write their own signs for the protest portion of this event.

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