Just A Good 'Ol Fashioned Bike Ride

Sunday, July 7 at 4:00pm. Meet at 4:00pm, leave at 4:30pm

Meet At:

Tomkins Park
Notes: Look for bikes

Contact Info:

By: Krishpolooza
To help wind off Cyclepalooza we will embark on a bike ride around the Glenmore Reservouir including a trip down into the Weaslehead, one of Calgary's nicest natural areas.

Just like any good 'throw-together' bike ride we will decide what to do once at the North Glenmore Park - go for ice cream, go for dinner, go for/have a beer, backyard party, picnic, etc. For that reason bring some things like a bit of cash (ice cream spot is cash only), snacks, firewood if you like and so on.

And remember, the reward of any uphill is some downhill!

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