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It Gets Worse(r) Bike Ride and All-Ages Show

Tuesday, July 2 at 6:00pm. Meet at 6, ride at 6:15

Meet At:

The Good Life Community Bicycle Shop
Notes: Meet at the loading dock entrance outside

Contact Info:
By: The Fruitball Collective
Calgary's re-imagined version of the "It Gets Worse" 2013 tour.

The Fruitball collective brings you another scintillating event to charm your spirit and re-invigorate supportive community.

German Sparkle/Fairy/Fruit Ride:

Meet at the Good Life Community Bicycle Shop (10 st and 2 ave NW) at 6 pm. Come wearing your most sparkly, flamboyant, colourful rags and riches (if you want). Hand sewn prize for the most fruity outfit.

This ride will be a fun meander through the inner city - while dressed up. You don't need to be an expert bike rider to come on this ride.

Outfit ideas: drag, gender bending, big hair, bow ties, glitter, sequins, pearls, short shorts, prom dresses, neon sweater vests, glam rock, riot grrrl, - Feel free to be your creative self. Just be free.

*Message Bike Love on Facebook if you want to borrow a bike for the ride*

It Gets Worse(r) Show:

The Ride ends at the show venue (also in Kensington)!

8 pm
Sliding scale $3 to $8

**Jakery from the "It Gets Worse" 2013 Tour - Halifax, NS**
Two Days in the Desert - Calgary, AB


Why "it gets worse"?
Why "it gets better"?
Does it get better for everyone?
Are there any hidden costs to it getting better?
Are we still fabulous?

*Fruitball events are intentional safer space

*All Ages ride and show


Safer Space Guidelines

-Respect Peoples' physical, sexual and emotional boundairies. Respect peoples' boundaries period

-Be aware that your actions have an affect on others and be responsible and accountable

-Examine your subtle or not so subtle prejudices

-Any individual or group engaging in: sexual violence or harassment or threatening people's safety in the space, and perpetrators of sexual or intimate partner violence are not welcome and will be required to leave

-If you experience or witness any behaviours that crosses your boundaries or makes you uncomfortable, please ask the party monitors for support

-Take responsibility for your own safety and get help when you need it

-Don't take photos without the consent of everyone in the frame

-Respect the pronouns and names of everyone. Do not assume anyone's gender identity, sexual orientation, survivor status, economic status, background, health, ability, ethnicity, age, comfort level, dance skillz, etc.

-Challenge yourself to be honest and open and to take risks to address racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ablism, classism, fat phobia, slut shaming, bi-phobia, etc. head on

-Don't stereotype people

-When someone offers criticism around oppressive behaviour, listen and engage rather than challanging the person or invalidating their experiences. Give people the benefit of the doubt and don't make assumptions.

-Remember you are welcome to take space or time away if you need to be alone, away, quiet. Tell someone before you go.

-Do not assume anyone's gender identity.

-Dress how you want, ride how you want and with who you want.

*These safe space guidelines are adapted from Homospun (Victoria), and the Community League (Edmonton)

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