Intergalactic Surly Day

Saturday, September 21 at 5:00pm. Meet at 5pm - Ride Leaves Sometime Later

Meet At:

Notes: Meet at 5pm For Drink Specials
By: BikeBike
Surly is only now old enough to drink - go figure - and to celebrate their 21st birthday we're joining other Surly shops around the world in celebrating everything that makes Surly rad.

The Plan:

Meet at Dandy Brewing in Ramsay for drink specials and pre-ride meet-and-greet at 5pm. Once we're all indoctrinated into the gang we'll leave for a no drop ride to The Rise on St. Patrick's Island for a BBQ/firepit and perhaps some stoopid bike games.

Bring food for the bbq and sharing is caring too.

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