Hot-Hot Choc Ride!

Friday, January 19 at 7:00pm. Meet at 7:00pm, ride 7:15pm

Meet At:

Eau Claire YMCA
Notes: See description

Contact Info:

By: Calvin
Meet at Eau Claire 7PM this Friday for a fun time of riding bicycles to places, drinking all of their hot chocolate, and then leaving to find more. By the time we are finished there will be no (NO!) hot chocolate left ANYWHERE in #yyc. That's a PROMISE*!

I have a few rides in mind, all are somehow WEST or NORTHWEST. Depending on ambient air temperature, whimsy, and (most of all) group consensus it will be as short as 3km or as long as 30km! If you're on the fence, please do come, this will likely be short an' sweet!

Addendum: Provisiosios

If the ambient air temperature in #yyc is below 253.15 degrees Kelvin, then FORGET IT you can go if you want but I'm probably not going to be there.

If it's below 263.15 degrees Kelvin, but above 253.15 degrees Kelvin, we'll meet indoors at Eau Claire Market, near Good Earth.

Otherwise, if it's above 253.15 degrees Kelvin, but below 318.15 degrees Kelvin,  meet outside by the trees that are sort of by the bike racks in front of the YMCA.

(*) Not a literal one though, more like, well, someone might drink one hot chocolate, and that qualifies as like, trying?

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