Hakuna Ma-tatas Ride

Saturday, July 20 at 1:00pm

Meet At:

Notes: Meet at undisclosed location at 12:35, disrobe and ride at 1
By: Kimberley Nelson
From Daily Hive : In  the summer of 2015, Ontario residents were given a much-needed wakeup call and reminder that it is legal for women to bare their breasts when three Kitchener-Waterloo area sisters were asked by a police officer to put their shirts back on while biking in the summer sun. The sisters were vocal in highlighting their mistreatment, resulting in media attention and hundreds of thousands of social media supporters who united in their love of both the free breast and equal rights.

Yet, over 20 years since it was legalized in Ontario, women in other parts of the country are still fighting for their right to go topless in the same places that men are allowed to forego their shirts. In cities all over the world, Go Topless Day is even a thing, taking place on Saturday, August 26 – Women’s Equality Day.

Just because women have the right to bare their breasts doesn’t mean that they will; but if more did exercise their right to maybe we could finally stop debating the historical notion that this is morally wrong or socially unacceptable. Perhaps more women would do so if they didn’t fear unwanted attention or harassment. But sadly, that’s the reality they face. The fact that it’s still illegal in some places only perpetuates this.

That a woman is legally allowed to “free her nipples” depends on the province in which she lives in is confusing at best and utterly ridiculous at worst. It’s time that every province in Canada jumps on board and agrees that in 2017 letting ‘the girls’ go free should be a legal right for every woman.

Join me for an empowering Free The Nipple style bike ride - Route will be disclosed to registered participants only.

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