Growlers & Gardens

Friday, July 5 at 6:30pm. We gotta be on our way at 6:30!

Meet At:

Tinyplots Experimental Gardens
Notes: Yes, there's a hill to start but we'll keep to flat ground and beautiful paths the majority of the ride

Contact Info:

By: JB
Ok, so we've got a sweet, leisurely ride lined up for folks who love beautiful green spaces that produce food.  Let's meet at the Tinyplots' Garden (1316 15th St NW) and kick things off with a toast.  Tour with us as we show you an array of established community gardens, up and coming urban farmers and just cool uses of spaces but you provide the shenanigans.

We'll have a couple of growlers to share but bring a REUSABLE CUP any accoutrements to make this ride even more leisurely.

We estimate a 15 km cruise 🙂  We believe in you. We'll get some ice cream after at Village if time allows!

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