Weekaday Workanite Deer Deer Run Around (formerly: Deeeeeeeep SE ride)

Tuesday, July 5 at 6:00pm. Meet at 6, ride 6:30! Please RSVP by email if you can 🙂

Meet At:

Eau Claire YMCA
Notes: Meet by the bike racks under the fun trees!

Contact Info:

By: Calvin
This is a 45km bike ride, mostly on roads, down to the (near) SE part of Calgary. We should be back at Eau Claire by 9:30 or 10:00 at the latest, depending how fast we go. We'll pedal moderately swiftly and the route is mostly on direct roads so it's no fuss, no muss!

Then, after, just go home and snuggle into your bed and dream sweet dreams! You'll wake up incredibly refreshed and rarin' to go for your work the next day-- AMAZING! Your boss will thank you.

There's no point to this ride other than to have fun! I will try and make some really (seriously) lovely spoke cards for yous-- if you want to make sure to get one please RSVP psysal[at]gmail.com before Monday night so I know how many to make.


- Please make sure you are comfy riding on roads! For instance we'll take Elbow Dr. back since it's much faster than the alternatives. If unsure check the route below!
- Bring some lights!
- Expect some incredibly nice pavement at one point. Ridiculous.
- We'll stop once or twice quickly for snacks.


Check it out here, if you like:


But it might be a nice surprise if you DON'T check it-- I tried to make it at least a bit different than the typical ways of going south.


NOTE: The original plan for this ride was called Deeeeeeeep Southeast but I realized it was (way) too much for a work night. I'll do that ride sometime later this summer, on a weekend, and put it on the Cyclepalooza calendar. It's a really weird ride so look forward to that, too.

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