Full Moon Ride - Click for Details!

Saturday, August 5 at 8:00pm. Meet at 8, ride at 8:30

Meet At:

Eau Claire YMCA
Notes: Meet near the bike racks, basically.

Contact Info:

By: Calvin
Okay #yycbike! It's happening 🙂

We will ride, RAIN or SHINE!

If it SNOWS, we will RIDE IN THE SNOW!

If a meteor hits Calgary, we will RIDE TO THE METEOR!

But barring that, we'll just ride somewhere... with A FIREPIT!

Calvin (me) is leading the ride! It might be a tiny bit weird but it will be BEGINNER FRIENDLY! It will be SHORT (5km or so I think) and FLAT. And if you aren't a beginner, it will be friendly too.

Destination TBD but we will make fire in the firepit we ride to. I will bring wood and other things well-deserving to be burned in a fire. Please everyone else bring food, drink, and sporting equipment such as DISCGOLF DISCS or MAHJONG TILES! Bring WEENIES 'N BUNS or OTHER COOKABLE DINNERS if that's your thing.

I'm serious about the Mahjong tiles, this would be very fun and I've always wanted to learn.

Meet 8pm at Eau Claire YMCA plaza type area, near the bike racks!

Ride departs 8:30pm.

Don't be late, or do and then just CATCH UP. I know I have.

DISCLAIMER: I'm sometimes a bit late, but in this case I have a good reason-- it's because I don't care that much about being on time. But you don't need me until 8:30 anyway! Or at all, technically. Well I have to get the wood and stuff you know. So let's say you get there and there is no obvious ride leader person at 8:15, don't panic. The ride didn't leave early. Please do mingle with the lovely bike people that are sure to be milling about. Thank you for being with us and please feel welcome! And if I'm on time, please compliment me, it wasn't easy.

3 thoughts on “Full Moon Ride – Click for Details!

  1. Thanks everyone who came out, especially newcomers!! If it was your first time, we really appreciate having you and hope to see you next time too!!

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