Full Moon Fire Ride 2.0

Saturday, October 27 at 8:00pm. Meet at 8:15pm, will be leaving around 8:30pm

Meet At:

Eau Claire Plaza by the YMCA
Notes: In front of the YMCA by the big arch

Contact Info:

By: Carla
Back to basics Fire Pit ride.

Firewood is needed! Please bring a bundle, they are available from many gas stations for less than 10. We'll also need a hachet probably...and if anyone is expert at making fires... 😉

Will be riding to the Rise in the East Village. (A piece of wood or something to sit on is recommended, concrete bench may be snow covered!)

Ride goes late and is adult oriented but kids are more than welcome if that's your thing!

Safe Space policy in effect - if you make anyone feel uncomfortable, you'll be asked to leave.

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