Foldie Fondo

Saturday, July 15 at 8:30am. Meet at 8:15 a.m. Wheels roll at 8:30 a.m.

Meet At:

George C. King Bridge, AKA Skipping Stone Bridge
Notes: Meet at the south side of the bridge

Contact Info:

@brettbergie on Twitter
By: Brett Bergie
This is an inclusive ride. While the ride theme is meant to draw out folding bike enthusiasts, all bike enthusiasts are welcome.

Join us on a Calgary Pathway ride that sweeps and curves along rivers, cruises over gentle hills, and sails along flatter terrain. Total distance is 60 km.

So long as there are no detours, the route will be exclusively on Calgary pathways. We will follow the Elbow River out of the core, approach the Glenmore Reservoir, and then proceed through scenic North Glenmore Park. We'll head down to and through the Weasel Head Flats before ascending along the far side of the Reservoir. We'll proceed to Fish Creek Park and stop at the cafe for coffee and treats before continuing on through the park. Our ride will then follow the Bow River through to Carburn Park, past the weir, and return to the core via historic Inglewood. The ride will end at Alforno Café and Bakery for refuelling.

We will stop on occasion for rest, lifestyle breaks, and refuelling.

If you don't have a folding bike, feel free to bring one or some of the following to feel part of the culture: billfold, folding multi-tools, flip phone, newspaper, paper crane, or even a bad hand of poker.

Join us. We're looking forward to seeing you and your bike.

3 thoughts on “Foldie Fondo

  1. Hi. I’m new to biking and have a folding bike. I would like more details of the ride as I’m not familiar of the roads here in Calgary. Also want to meet new friends as I’m thinking of buying a brompton bike in the future. Thanks

    • Hi Felipe. Welcome. Here is the information for the Foldie Fondo 3:

      The event is happening on Sunday, July 15. (The event page on which you left your comment is last year’s event page.)

      The Foldie Fondo is a guided ride on Calgary pathways with a total distance of 60 kms. We will travel on very few roadways, and when we do, they will be residential.

      Hope to see you out on Sunday.

      • Hi. Thank you. Where is the exact meeting point as I not familiar of the roads here in the city. What should I be bringing? Sorry. I’m new to biking. Thanks

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