Family Day Fun

Monday, February 17 at 9:45am. Meet at 9h45, depart by 10h
By: Lindsay
Join us for a short family-friendly ride and play!

We will meet at the Delta Garden on the south side of the Peace Bridge and leave to ride towards East Village, stopping at the Simmon's building for treats/drinks and then continuing on to East Village Playground. If you're late, no worries, I'm sure you'll be able to catch up and find us! We will try our best to leave on time so folks don't cool off too much.

Be sure to bring extra clothes for staying warm at the playground! The current forecast is currently only a high of 1C (low -6C). If the monkeys or parents get cold, we can retreat to Simmons to warm-up or bike to the library or something (or go home!).

This is a short 2.7 km ride and kids are of course welcome to cruise under their own steam. Whatever you're comfortable with. Cargo bikes, bike seats, trailers, etc. also perfect!

Come out to meet other cycling families in Calgary!

This event is free but you will need to bring money if you choose to make a purchase along the way, eg. at Simmon's building.

PS If most of the kids who come are older, we may head over to St George's playground instead, in case you can't find us a East Village Playground.

PPS This is a super casual ride. We will probably hang out then wrap things up by 11h30/12h, I'm guessing.

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