Saturday, June 30 at 9:00pm. Leaving at 9:30pm sharp

Meet At:

Eau Claire Square
Notes: Meet by the bike racks in front of the YMCA

Contact Info:

By: Sean
A 60km fixed gear (or singlespeed) loop, at night, on Calgary's incredible pathway system.  Ideal gearing suggestion - 46x18.  Good lights are a must as we will be in total darkness for most of the ride. Expect to be riding for about 3-1/2hrs (fast) to 4-1/2hrs (a little slower).  We will do our best to keep the group together but it is not a priority so make sure you know the route.  

We will have 2 stops/regroup opportunities -

1st stop, Amphitheatre in Fish Creek Park near the old ranch.  We'll rest for about 15-20 minutes.

2nd stop, Diamond Cove Overlook, pathway spot overlooking Bow Bottom Trail, Anderson Rd, Deerfoot Trail.  Same format, we'll rest for 15-20 minutes before the last stop on The Riverwalk.

Due to rising river levels there is a very good chance that we will encounter detours around flooded areas so be prepared for wet feet and perhaps the need to hop a fence or two.  Not sure how the detours will affect the total distance so be prepared for a goonie adventure.

This is a self-supported ride - be prepared!  

There is one opportunity to bail out on the ride at Canyon Meadows C-Train station about 2 hrs into the ride.  This is a good option for those who want to participate but are unsure of their ability to complete the ride with the group.

3 thoughts on “F/60

  1. I am planning on mapping the route with the iphone app “map my ride” next week and will post the link to the map here.

    Last year the mosquitos were pretty knarly, I’ll do my best to remember to bring bug spray, not a bad idea.

    For those who want to come on a regular geared bike, well, ok. But if you force the pace I’ll be forced to destroy you and keep your bike.

  2. Sadly no map available as we will (more than likely) need to navigate around detours due to rising river levels.

    So plan on an excellent adventure with bikey friends!

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