be the DIAMOND in your SOUL - suburban night ride

Friday, July 21 at 8:00pm. Meet 8, ride 8:30

Meet At:

Eau Claire YMCA
Notes: Meet near-ish the bike racks, under the trees.

Contact Info:

By: Calvin
"Bicycling we're in control;
Be the diamond in your soul.
Images come thick and fast;
From the future, from the past..."
-Song Lyrics
We will ride down the Bow River Pathway to Diamond Cove, voted Calgary's best-named suburb fifteen years running, and then continue the mystery into lands known only(*) as: The Black Forest, The Babbeling Brook, The Dragon's Spine, The Pearl Necklace, and more.
Sparkling garments for you or your bicycle are thematically suiting, but not required. Your christmas things, did you say they are in the attic? It would be a curious and unusual act to dig them up, yet now in the swell of the summer heat.
The only requirement is: bring bike lights!
I've put a preview sketch of some spoke card art that I will try to finish, print, and get lam'd up for those who share in this dark desire (for lam'd up spoke cards, I mean...)
The first part of the ride will be 20km, mostly on pathway and quiet streets, stopping at Canyon Meadows Station. You can multi-modal it home from there, or continue on with your sparkling friends for another 30km into further adventures. Expect: Nitetime. Smoooooooth pavement. And roads, glorious roads and all to ourselves. Oh... yeah!
We'll keep it fun! If anyone is tired we'll detour to make sure they get home OK! We can also shorten the second part a bit if we decide to at the time.
Now: if you, like me, enjoy MYSTERY, then by all means DON'T click the link below, which shows the approximate route:
(*) ???

4 thoughts on “be the DIAMOND in your SOUL – suburban night ride

  1. Andincase anyone hasbeen wondering, “why did you callit this?” It’s because: this stupid song hasbeen stuckin my head.

  2. Great ride last night; bugs not so much,lol! Thanks Calvin/Matt for the Tour! Nice meeting/cycling/chatting with other cyclist.

    • Thanks Al! It was great to have you out 🙂

      Just to let you know if you enjoyed it, there are also the Full Moon Rides (quite a bit more laid back) and also New Moon Rides (very similar tot his one!)

      They are all on the same site, we add the FMR ones closer to the date but just click “Year Round Calendar” at the top if it isn’t showing 🙂 Also… look up at the moon!

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