Cyclofemme YYC: Garage Sale Ride

Saturday, July 5 at 10:00am. We will wait until 10:15 for late comers.

Meet At:

Riley Park
Notes: at the benched just inside the park
By: Kristi Woo
What better way to spend a Saturday morning than garage saling around? We will take side roads and neighbourhood streets and meander around town to hit a couple destination garage sales, and finish the ride at a patio or a park to laze around. Meet at 10 am at Riley Park (10th St NW, and 5th Ave entrance) at the benches just inside the park. We will wait until 10:15 for late comers. Kristi will bring a trailer to haul a couple more things if you are worried about carrying your finds.

What to bring:

It is always a good idea to have proper attire for the weather and lights.

A blanket (and snacks) for your picnic - we will also make a stop if you don't want to clutter your space reserved for your garage sale finds!

A bit of pocket change to put pick up garage sale trinkets, and goodies for your picnic <3.


We’ll update this as we go, but expect to visit a couple garage sales TBA, and a local sweet spot for food before we hit the park. We will end at a park or a patio, so there’s a chance to hang out after the ride is done.

Have a favourite shop stop or garage sale suggestion?  Feel free to post suggestions as we develop the route.


Bike Safety, Laws and more:


We will have pathway maps available for anyone, that were kindly provided by Campione Cycles and Patagonia

Online and Phone app Maps:

This event is family and gender friendly, in support of getting more women cyclists familiar with the road and on the road ♥ So, share this event with friends and bring them along! See you soon.

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