*Cyclepalooza Bike Prom*

Saturday, July 21 at 8:30pm. cyclepalooza.ca/membership

Meet At:

Notes: cyclepalooza.ca/membership
By: Cyclepalooza
Want to know all the details about Bike Prom? You'll need to sign up for a FREE membership in order to get your invitation and learn the location of the event!

The post ride party is 18+, open to members and invitees only, and doors will open at 8:30pm.

Cash is required for the bar!

Beverage Partners 
Dandy Brewing Company (Beer) - http://thedandybrewingcompany.com/ 
Kaffeeklatsch (Cold-Brew Coffee) - 
La Piada

DJ Team
Dr Space (Ben Pearson) and Catfish The Wizard (Kevin Choo) of Galactic Funk
Spinning you chunes from out the Milky Way Galaxy, funkadelic style, embracing the sounds of funk, and soul. This team from Galactic Funk in Dr Space and Catfish The Wizard, will be keeping you company at the start, the middle, and to dance us out. 


*Details current as of June 26 - subject to change without notice. 

4 thoughts on “*Cyclepalooza Bike Prom*

  1. I tried the link but it says it cannot find the location for cyclepalooza.ca/membership… is there somewhere else to find the meeting location? We plan do to the regular bike prom followed by the 18+ one.

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